The Alexandre Furtado’s selection, The Chef of Bistrot Paradis

Alexandre Furtado

The Chef of Bistro Paradis

At the heavenly dinner organised by Maison Fragile around the collection Rue de Paradis, the Chef Alexandre Furtado has selected 3 of our plates to interpret his recipes

The Chef was inspired by the French Touch designs of the Rue De Paradis collection to develop his fresh and innovative recipes, just like our House!


Rue de Paradis par Safia Ouares

« I have chosen this plate with the draw of the naked woman, because it reminds me heaven. I have chosen the wild duck with pansy flowers, to make it wild, and the flower to make it sweet: just like heaven!”

Woman, animals and vegetation, harmony of savours and colours.

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Rue de Paradis par Etienne Bardelli


“This plate represents the architecture of the rue du Paradis in Paris. For me it was very simple, I had only to follow the architecture of the plate. “

A bold mise en abyme of the architecture of the dish in the architecture of the Rue de Paradis!


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Rue de Paradis par Alexia Gredy & Nicolas Ouchenir


“I chose this plate for music. For Brazil, music is important. To dress, I chose the fig which is a fruit of Paradise. “

The Brazilian Chef combines exoticism and sweetness for a heavenly result.


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