A Family Story

Inside their store in rue de Paradis, the ancestors of the founder of Maison Fragile created and distributed the best of the best of Limoges porcelain. Their nicest works have survived through the years until nowadays, precious memories of moments passed together.

Resuming the family tradition, Maison Fragile proposes you a craftsmanship of excellence, inventive and uninhibited. Collaborating with the beautiful handcraft of Limoges porcelain, but also of faïence, crystals and all that is fragil on the Table.

Creations made with the new generation of French Touch artists.

Started in april, this little house is launching itself for a crowdfunding with the pre-order of plates in Limoges porcelain of its first collection Rue de Paradis.

“We want to revisit the arts of the table to magnify the ephemerous moments, restore the honour of the creativity of arts of the table.”

The great grandparents of the founder

The Founder :

Started in april 2017, Maison Fragile is a tribute to the Founder’s family history.

After many years working in communication, it’s only natural that Mary wanted to reconnect with her family history and turned herself to the porcelain and french craftmanship of Limoges, the excellence of the know-how.

Maison fragile, a publishing house of table art is finally a family story. Eager to make her compagny a human adventure, Mary gathered around her family, who, each in his speciality make Maison Fragile grow up.

Through her company, Mary put the fragility forward. Of the material first, and of humans. Maison Fragile touch de sensivity of each through the art, but also through the paradoxe of the porcelain wich is a fragil material, however it can supports many memories and precious times. It can break, but also survive human and be passed from generation and generation. Porcelain carries in it a story ; the excellence of craftmanship. This is the story that Maison Fragile wants to pay tribute to, while renewing the table art through the work of artists French Touch. Mary Castel’s goal in founding this House is to bring porcelain up to date and restore the taste of beautiful things to new generations.

Maison Fragile touche la sensibilité de chacun à travers l’art, mais aussi à travers le paradoxe de la porcelaine qui est un matériau fragile, mais qui pourtant peut porter en elle nombre de souvenirs et de moments précieux. Elle peut se briser, mais peut aussi survivre à l’homme et être transmise de génération en génération. La porcelaine porte en elle une histoire : celle de l’excellence de l’artisanat. C’est à cette histoire que Maison Fragile veut rendre hommage, tout en renouvelant l’art grâce au travail d’artistes French Touch. Le but que s’est fixé Mary Castel en fondant cette Maison, est de remettre au goût du jour la porcelaine et de redonner le goût des belles choses aux nouvelles générations.

A know-how of excellence Made in France

We are working with the excellence of the beautiful handcraft of Limoges porcelain. Fifteen steps, realised by fifteen experts crafstmen, are necessary to make these plates, and seventeen for gold versions.

Craftsmen are blending the excellence and the requierment of Limoges porcelain.

Our production in 100% from Limoges. Even our gifts boxes are made in France

Craftsmen, Meilleur ouvrier de France (a French reward for the best workers), and artists who share the same passion and requierement : quality products to wake-up the table art.

Creation in Paris – Production in Limoges
100% Made In France

All our creations are entirely produced   in Limoges, in the rules of the art by certified craftsmen. We are working with living heritage company.

A Friendship Story!