Rue de Paradis

Collection Rue de Paradis

“The first collection is a wink at our history.

To pay homage to my great-grandmother Henriette who had her store in this street, to honour the profession of the porcelainiers (those who make or sell porcelain), cristalliers (those who search for and sell crystals) and faïenciers (those who make or sell the ceramic earthenware called faïence), and subsequently because the collection is sold at Kiss Kiss Bank Bank at 34 rue de Paradis. The circle is complete.”

Mary Castel, Fondatrice de Maison Fragile.



A wink to our ancestors, a homage to the profession.

We have invited 7 artists to interpretate a white plate as a blank paper: Vaïnui de Castelbajac, Safia Ouares, Alexia Gredy & Nicolas Ouchenir, Etienne Bardelli, Dimitri Coste & Charles Petit.

Each with his or her style, his or her universe, has told a story around Rue de Paradis.

The first collection was made with the Manufacture de Limoges.

Plates in extra fine porcelain, white of whites 27 cm.