Dessert plate / Rue de Paradis by Charles Petit


Extra-fine porcelain. Extra-white.

Colors serigraphy

Diameter 27cm


CHARLES PETIT is a photographer-urban poet. Here a square flashed at night of Rue de Paradis in the seventies. An electrical manner to see the garden at night.

Extra-fine porcelain. Extra-white.

Colors serigraphy

Additional information

Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 21 x 21 cm

wash-machine and micro-waves


We recommend you to avoid detergent tablets because it damage our products and destroy the planet. Put white vinegar and some essential drops of Tea Tree into your dishwasher in order to maintain enamel brightness and not damage gold.
If you really like your plates as much as your cashmere wool, clean them by hand with gentleness.
A little kindness in this hard world.

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