Box 2 Tea cup – Les Françaises by the photographer Sonia Sieff


Box with 2 tea cups and saucers delicately package in a Maison Fragile box. Blue filet painted by the hand.

Extra-thin porcelain. Extra-white.

Colors serigraphy.


By taking one of the photos of the series Les Françaises by Sonia Sieff, this collection pays tribute to the French woman, with delicacy, sensuality and greediness. A series that is both bold and elegant.

This collection is a wink to the saké glass of Asian tradition where it is suggested without revealing, eroticism to taste.

Sonia Sieff is a famous french photographer. Jeanloup Sieff daughter, she worked with many prestigious brands and published in 2017 a photo-book “Les Françaises”, pictures of naked women : sensuality, beauty and simplicity.

Extra-thin porcelain. Extra-white.

Colors serigraphy.

Additional information

Weight 1.511 kg
Dimensions 9.5 x 9.5 x 6 cm

Dishwasher and micro wave


We recommend you to avoid detergent tablets because it damage our products and destroy the planet. Put white vinegar and some essential drops of Tea Tree into your dishwasher in order to maintain enamel brightness and not damage gold.
If you really like your plates as much as your cashmere wool, clean them by hand with gentleness.
A little kindness in this hard world.

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