Gift Ideas

For every strong moment of our lives, there is a Maison Fragile gift to offer !

For a birth…

Rue de Paradis by Vaïnui De Castelbajac

The interpretation of Rue de Paradis, by the creator Vaïnui De Castelbajac, is reflective of her malicious and greedy spirit, a pretty sin to be consumed without moderation.

A perfect 45cm plate for children ! An original and precious gift, which is full of love and joy, just like the little one who’s born.

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For a wedding or a birthday…

Our plates delicately packaged in our precious boxes Maison Fragile, will be the perfect gift for future married, for anniversary or Christmas ! Everything to make your friends and family smile, and share precious times with them, around the table.  Art in the table with elegance and simplicity.

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To seduce…


Rue de Paradis by Charles Petit

Charles Petit is a photographer-urban poet. Here a square flashed at night of Rue de Paradis in the seventies. An electrical manner to see the garden at night.


We offer this plate just like a flower bouquet which will never fade. A charming and subtle message for a chic and elegant gift.


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Rue de Paradis by Dimitri Coste

Dimitri Coste is a photographer well known to the circles of motorcycles and pretty women.Over this plate, he reveals the dream of paradise: a feminine beauty under the light of a morning in Paris, rue de Paradis. Subtle taste.


A plate which pay tribute to the beauty and the precocity of women. Very French Touch, so chic and elegant.


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For gastronomy’s lovers…

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