Les Françaises by Sonia Sieff

MARY CASTEL, the founder of Maison Fragile, has invited  SONIA SIEFF, talented artist photographer to create a bold porcelain collection.

Their frutifull collaboration culminated to the creation of a four-part series entitled “Les Françaises”.


In Sonia’s family inheritance, as in Mary’s, beauty, fragility, sensuality are essential notions.

To believe that destiny is so made. When they meet for the first time, in a small bistro place of Antwerp, it only takes a few minutes for Sonia Sieff and Mary Castel to understand that their collaboration is inevitable. Between this photographer’s daughter and this porcelain granddaughter, the agreement is immediate.

First, each of them, this desire to collaborate has been trotting in their heads for months, like a startling ritornello. One admires the work of the other, and vice versa.

Thus, both share the same love of beauty in what is most fragile: a moment of pure grace, unveiling, intimate sensuality, freedom offered to the appetite of the senses.

What could be more natural for these two heirs of family traditions than to combine their talents to create a work that combines beauty and delicacy, ephemeral and tradition, delectation and refinement?

They have a common desire: to put the French woman in the spotlight, with sensuality, chic and shift.




This collection was manufactured in the rules of the art by our craftsmen manufacturers of Limoges Porcelain. Each filet has been painstakingly hand-painted by Martine, our porcelain painter.

4 months of work to obtain a good quality of photographic printing on the fineness of our porcelain.

Open your eyes, and enjoy …